Photo Shoots

With opulence and craftsmanship unrivaled in later centuries, this iconic landmark in the Loire Valley is a an inspiring formidable setting for any photo shoot. Filled with natural light streaming in through the magnificent neoclassical windows – photography inside and outside the château are equally lovely.

Loved by photographers for both its splendor and unrestored ruins in ancillary buildings, Château du Grand-Lucé is an international darling. The town of Le Grand-Lucé, with the entirety of its buildings made from locally quarried limestone is quintessentially French and has the “je ne sais quoi” for a photo shoot that is sublime.

With inexhaustible options throughout the grounds and buildings, from unfinished medieval timbers in a cavernous secret retreat accessed only by pull down stairs – to the eighteenth century neoclassical opulence of the Grand Salon, with meticulous boiserie, crystal and silk — Château du Grand-Lucé is a captivating setting for any type of shoot.