The team at Hotel Château has exacted every detail for the well-traveled guest – crafting a stay saturated with the finest in ultimate sophistication. Sancerre wine from local vineyards, picnic baskets with fromage and pastries from the village of Le Grand-Lucé. Bicycles for the forest, massages from the spa. Our private valet service, once expected by a nobleman, has been re-created, delivering an unexpected level of luxury and authentic privilege. 


In each room and suite, our ensuite bathrooms have been loaded with the famed and innovative Buly 1803 products. Dreamed up in Paris and formulated in France, Buly 1803’s beauty line has unprecedented notoriety dating back to the late eighteenth century. With a history and provenance so strikingly similar to that of the Château, and with it’s spirit of precision and innovation — we are quite certain the perfumes and products created by Jean-Vincent Bully (then with a double “l”) must have been a favorite of Louise Pineau de Viennay, the daughter of the Baron.