Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé. Located in the verdant Loire Valley, just south of Paris, this exclusive private enclave of royal proportions was built by a nobleman and has hosted the most discerning travelers for centuries. Built in 1760 and named for the idyllic village in which it is located, this neoclassical French icon has been exquisitely restored. With a vigilant attention to detail, its unapologetically opulent chic interiors are a stunning tribute to its noble provenance and are a gallant steward of its rich history. With a certain éclat reflecting centuries of pure refinement, Hotel Château – with reimagined rooms and suites, ballroom and salons, classical gardens and grounds will deliver unparalleled service and uncompromising splendor.

Rooms + Suites

Our reverently crafted rooms and suites pay homage to the irreverent extravagance of King Louis XV’s reign. The grandeur of the eighteenth-century neoclassical design, paired with our restrained historical elegance and layered with centuries of modern splendor, set a high bar in luxury hotel design.


We have curated a collection of images that are meant to inspire. With eighty acres of Loire Valley beauty — the main Château, orangerie, spa, ballroom, gardens and the multitude of yet-to-be-restored buildings (which are exceedingly lovely in their authenticity) — we have captured both the majesty of the tableau and the refinement of the details.