Under the direction of Jacques Pineau de Viennay, Baron de Lucé, architect Mathieu de Bayeux designed the Château du Grand-Lucé to be crafted from locally quarried tuffeau, an incredibly creamy white limestone. With instruction from the Baron, Monsieur de Bayeux, was to build the expansive bâtiment using the most modern of design and finishes – an au courant beacon for the Age of Enlightenment. The result was a seminal neoclassical palace of magnificent proportions and breathtaking beauty. The direction given to our design team was to translate the splendor of the eighteenth century into rooms and suites that would inspire the most discerning twenty-first century traveler. With incomparable design acumen, the team at Hotel Château has delivered 19 rooms and suites that would most certainly have been lauded by both the Baron de Lucé and Monsieur de Bayeux. Exquisite French fabrics – from archived patterns at Pierre Frey to the wildly brilliant designs of Christian Lacroix and Jean-Paul Gaultier, have been carefully juxtaposed to provide both a profound sense of history and a bold glimpse of modern splendor. Art and tapestries have been curated from the past 300 years, reflecting eighteenth-century romanticism, nineteenth-century impressionism, and some decidedly French twentieth-century abstract oils. Fine furnishings, loads of crystal chandeliers and sconces, and an abundance of sterling silver and gold gilt — all layered in a tableau of pomp and elevated design that is quite possibly otherworldly.


From afternoon Sancerre in the garden to an evening cognac fireside. Luxurious hooded robes poolside and lavender scented pillows bedside – everything and anything you need and want – anytime.

Rooms + Suites

Designed by our team with perceptive insight and historical reverence, every detail has been crafted to honor the original vision for the Château while inspiring and captivating today’s traveler.