Unbelievably dreamy, with walls painted the creamy pink of the Scepter’d Isle roses found throughout the Chateau’s garden, this suite is as chic as it is grand. A pair of arched casement windows allow sweeping views of the Chateau’s Cour d’Honneur, hints of the village of Le Grand-Lucé, and the French pastoral countryside beyond. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Botanique fabric is generously used throughout, replicating the bold florals of the Chateau’s garden. With a custom cerise-toned Moissonnier desk, the separate petite salon is striking. The bathroom has a marble-clad shower, an exquisite clawfoot tub, and loads of Maison Caulières bath and beauty products. This suite can be reserved with the adjoining large two-queen suite creating a splendid 1200 square foot pied-à-terre.