With an expansive view from the top floor of the Chateau, this beautiful corner room is the perfect spot for surveying the beauty of the formal gardens. The statue of Ceres, installed by King Louis XV as a gift to Baron Pineau de Viennay in 1764, can be seen at the far end of the parterre. The sophisticated cream palette on the walls provides a backdrop for the judicious use of Braquenié Cochinchine Vert Persan fabric. The fabric’s design, inspired by the eighteenth-century artist, Jean Baptiste Pillement (whose paintings cover the walls of the Chateau’s Salon Chinois), is a fanciful chinoiserie garden print. This room has a dining area nestled amongst arched sun-drenched windows, original oak flooring, and a gold gilt king bed layered with fine European linens. The bathroom is a delightful surprise of incredibly grand scale, with a view of its own clawfoot tub and marble-clad shower.