Quite possibly the most extravagant suite in Europe, and definitively irreplicable, this suite was built for Baron Jaques Pineau de Viennay and is ready to welcome the new noble. With 17-foot tall ceilings and stunning Versailles patterned oak floors, the corner bedroom is magnificent in scale and reflects centuries-old proportions. Views from the massive casement windows, to the formal gardens, are resplendent, and the light streaming in from the Loire Valley sunshine is brilliant. This suite has three entrances including a private entrance directly from the west garden, a marble-clad bathroom with garden views of its own, a petite sitting room, private library with a collection of French literature, and the pièce de résistance – the Salon Chinois, aptly named for the canvas covered walls painted in the Chinoiserie style by the artist Jean-Baptiste Pillement (1728 – 1808). Pillement’s work can be found at fine art museums throughout the world including the National Gallery in Washington DC, the Louvre, and covering the walls in the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s private castle within the gardens of the palace of Versailles. This suite has been filled with a carefully curated art collection framed in loads of gold gilt, layered with French fabrics and furnishings, and saturated in an au courant splendor with unapologetic luxury.